Maricopa AOA Disbanded

Rez Riders IMC - Arizona Chapter is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Our Chapter is a clean and sober club dedicated to support the Indigenous Natives of the area. Please see Arizona's Web Site Links for Rez Riders IMC Calendar of Events, Photo's, Things to Do and to sign into our Guest Book. Don't forget to see our Web Pages. If you have an interest in becoming a Rez Rider or would like to find out what we are all about, please contact our President or Administrator.


Indian Motorcycle Club Mission Statement


REZ RIDERS IMC The purpose of the Rez Riders IMC is to foster a family environment of Native people dedicated to Motorcycle riding and to support Native people through charitable acts. We are a brotherhood and sisterhood of All Nations who love to ride iron horses of modern times. We also believe in our culture and work towards living in the good Red Way of our people. Always remembering the price our relatives have paid so that we can live Free. Free to express ourselves, Free to unite, and Free to carry on the old teachings that tell generations to come we have a right to practice our ways and that no one can deny us. Creation has given us the duty to watch over our earth mother and to practice our language and ways in order to keep alive the very essence of who we are as indigenous two legged. We carry this message as we ride united as one to different fires throughout America and abroad to build friendships, meet new family and share with other circles the spirit of life.